Why I Choose HostGator

The minute if received the HostGator coupon in my email; I started to investigate their hosting services and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. HostGator went out of its way to provide me with top of the line service, and answered all of my many questions about hosting accounts, servers, and websites.

Since that time I found their service to be very reliable, I run sites that require a certain amount of bandwidth. I had some issues with other hosting companies, but not with HostGator. My websites have always run smoothly and I have never been offline at any time. That is a good thing because that is how I make my living. I also liked the fact that no matter which plan I used my coupon for, there was a 45-day money back guarantee.

Being able to host all of my domains in one account with HostGator, has allowed me to be more successful in my business, and my customers have never had a complaint.

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Hostgator Dedicated Servers

Hostgator offers dedicated servers that give you a level of command for your servers that go way beyond what you get with shared servers. You are in complete control and have many free, unlimited features.

There are several levels of dedicated servers. You can use a Hostgator coupon code and save money on them. You can get a Basic service that has 2 GB DDR2 memory for $139 the first month, and then $174 afterwards. Standard with 4 GB DDR2 memory and 2×250 GB HDs runs you $175 the first month and then $219 afterwards. The Elite program is $223 the first month, and then $279 afterwards for a 4 GB DDR2 memory and 2×500 GB HDs. The Pro service costs $299, and then afterwards it costs you $374 for an 8 GB DDR2 memory.

A Hostgator coupon code can save you money on these programs and on your service as a whole with Hostgator. You know that you can still have access to that same great customer service that is available 24/7.

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Bluehost Reviews: The Nuts and Bolts

Bluehost has a 50K square foot headquarters located in Utah, with 20K sq. ft. of data center space. They also have the state of art 10Gbps fiber connections to the Internet. This results in instant access of your website from any computer in the world. The physical infrastructure along with unlimited disk storage, a free domain name along with support of international domain names, SSH access into the computer hosting of your website and FTP access from any computer in the world provides you with a toolbox of options for you to set up your website. If you want to be able to analyze the statistics and be able to find out from which countries people are accessing your website, then Bluehost provides the right tools. There is a plethora of database choices too. You just need to figure out what you want to present to the world and leave the details to Bluehost. Bluehost gets rave Bluehost reviews and they will keep getting better.

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A HostGator Coupon for Resellers

Some people subscribe for web hosting service not for their personal use but to resell to other individuals for profit. With typical web hosting companies, it is rather difficult to make a profit. That’s because these companies charge for every account made and each domain purchased. However, HostGator is one of the web hosting companies out there that offers reseller hosting. This makes reselling server space affordable and allows for profit to be made. HostGator’s efforts to help others make it in the web hosting industry is another reason they are one of the most popular and successful web hosting companies in the industry.

HostGator charges a mere $20 per month for their reseller hosting services. They even include many of the features available with typical web hosting. This makes the process of reselling server space much easier for resellers who can often have a difficult time starting up their business. To offset this initial cost, resellers should look for a HostGator coupon. These can be found all over the place, just use a search engine.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building: Exercises for the Shoulders

It is wise to build up the deltoid shoulder muscles when working on the chest, and most of the time people work on the shoulder muscles without even meaning to. Working out the arms and chest will affect the deltoid muscles. This shoulder muscle is used most often when rotating the arms, so exercises like arm circles can help build up muscle mass on the shoulders.

The best exercises used to work out the shoulder muscles are raises, and to do this one must use a dumbbell. Dumbbells come in different sizes which mean they weigh differently. Using the right dumbbell is a good idea to avoid injuring yourself. The dumbbell exercises to do are front raises, side raises, bent over raises, and upright rows. All of these raises can be completed either in a gym, or you can buy your own weights to do them at home. The No Nonsense Muscle building program is fantastic for giving you the strength and muscle tone that you desire.

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