Hostgator Dedicated Servers

Hostgator offers dedicated servers that give you a level of command for your servers that go way beyond what you get with shared servers. You are in complete control and have many free, unlimited features.

There are several levels of dedicated servers. You can use a Hostgator coupon code and save money on them. You can get a Basic service that has 2 GB DDR2 memory for $139 the first month, and then $174 afterwards. Standard with 4 GB DDR2 memory and 2×250 GB HDs runs you $175 the first month and then $219 afterwards. The Elite program is $223 the first month, and then $279 afterwards for a 4 GB DDR2 memory and 2×500 GB HDs. The Pro service costs $299, and then afterwards it costs you $374 for an 8 GB DDR2 memory.

A Hostgator coupon code can save you money on these programs and on your service as a whole with Hostgator. You know that you can still have access to that same great customer service that is available 24/7.

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